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It Takes a Village

My favorite part of the shoot is in the planning.  Finding the model, finding the right make up artist and location.  Getting wardrobe together.  Putting up the lights.  It’s the sandwiches a model is eating in our bathroom on a saturday morning.  It’s the pinterest board where I pin my ideas to help everyone else see what I’m thinking.  It’s the shot we take when we’re just testing our lights and settings.  The one where everyone’s guards are down.  It’s the model petting my dog while her suitcase spilling out on my bed.  It’s making the girls tea as they get ready because everyone is sick.  Too sick to be in a penitentiary in January.  It’s the moment in time and the group working together to make the photos.  I think this may be a bigger part of our blog.  The moments between.


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