Wedding History Made at the National Constitution Center


About a week after same sex marriage was made legal in Pennsylvania, my phone rang.  Steven and his partner David (and by the way, can we officially stop using the term “partner” now?) had just gotten married in New York in early March, and wanted to have a reception celebration in Philly.  After laughing at the irony that they had to leave the state to be married only a few weeks before it was made legal in their home state, Steven told me the venue for the event was The National Constitution Center.  I was speechless.  Not only was this the first of BWR’s same sex wedding celebrations, but to be celebrating at a venue dedicated to the history of our country, 2 weeks after Pennsylvania made such a union possible, was an absolute dream come true.


It was an elegant event, filled with family and friends and a joy that was palpable.  I left feeling remarkably proud of our state, and our country and the strides that we’ve made on our journey of marriage equality.  A few days after the event Steven emailed me that he had just discovered that he and David were the first same sex wedding celebration at the National Constitution Center since the historic reversal on the ban of same sex marriages in Pennsylvania was declared unconstitutional.  I couldn’t be any more humbled and proud to have been a part of it.  Thank you, gentlemen for allowing us to capture your historic celebration!



Dodging a Snowstorm on Society Hill


It wasn’t one of those pretty snowfalls for Alana and Joseph’s wedding.  It was a brutal Philly snowstorm from the already historic winter of 2014.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first one to want to embrace the elements while shooting, no matter what they are.  I love a brisk wind that picks up a veil and seems to make it float magically around a brides face.  A giant umbrella, and some creative lighting can truly make a rainy or snowy bridal portrait into a moody, stunning photo that any photographer would kill to have in their portfolio.  But weddings aren’t about me, and what I want.  They’re about the bride and groom and their day.  So although Alana and I had talked about touring Society Hill for some beautiful photos after her ceremony at St Peter’s Church, when the time came, all they wanted to do was get to their reception and party with their family and friends.  I’m not crazy about hotel photos.  The lighting is harsh and often from straight above, causing harsh shadows under the eyes.  What to do when the church is packed with people who can’t even get to their cars and you only have 10 minutes to get some photos of your bride and groom?  Look up.  The balcony of Saint Peter’s is flooded with natural light, large beautiful windows and white walls.  We quickly ushered the two up a back staircase.  I snapped some lovely natural light shots of the newly married couple, and quickly ran across to get some interesting wide shots from across the church.  Then everyone headed back for a stunning reception at the Society Hill Sheraton.  And in the end, we all stayed warm and dry, and STILL got gorgeous photos.  Excellent.

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Crossed Keys Inn

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Engagement Shoot at Eastern State Penitentiary Public

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Reverend MacKenzie Moltov Complete

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The Tiberino


Warehouse Fun


Alejandro Dubois


Abandoned Amusement Park


Pregnant Sword Swallower


Clown Mom


Abandoned Amusement Park 2

Abandoned Fairy Tales

Bad Mommy

When Clowns Get Wet

Abandoned Swingers Resort

Grossinger’s Resort



Abandoned Mental Institution


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