The Dancer and the Fireman


Ok, so he’s not a fireman anymore, but it does make a catchy title, doesn’t it?  I’m totally guilty of one thing when it comes to my wedding couples.  I facebook stalk, google search,  anything I can do to learn a little more about the couples I’m about to photograph.  Sometimes I’m hired out by other studios and don’t get to meet the couples in advance.  It’s trickier than you would think to bring out a couples love when you don’t know them.  Not knowing which one makes the other laugh, or who is the calming influence in times of stress, knowing if they’re hand holders or uncomfortable with a little PDA.

When I began searching Jermel and DJ on-line, I couldn’t believe my luck.  Jermel is a principal ballet dancer for The Pennsylvania Ballet Company, and one of the most stunning male ballet dancers I’ve ever seen in my life.  I have a close friend who worked for PA Ballet who last winter demanded that I go see a production Jermel was in claiming that his body was a “work of art”.  I was stunned.  He’s truly magnificent.  His partner DJ, a photographer in his own right, a charming, affable man with a big smile and a warm heart who immediately makes everyone around him feel totally at ease.

They had a small ceremony at one of my new favorite wedding venues, The Philadelphia Wedding Chapel.  It’s totally a hidden gem in Philly.  In the East Falls area of Philly, it is charming, elegant and sophisticated, a New York style loft space with exposed brick, hard wood floors and flooded with natural light.  The chapel is actually right next door to where PA ballet once resided.  My primary goal this day, was to ask Jermel for one amazing leap.  I got three.  God, I love this town!

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