A Bride in Cowboy Boots in a Rustic Wedding in Pennsylvania


As an artist who provides a service, it’s often difficult to separate your own life experiences from the clients who have invited you into the most intensely personal day in their lives.  When your art requires you to open your heart and feel things as deeply as possible, sometimes the feelings that rise aren’t always what you’re prepared for.  I’m prepared for the feelings that well up when I photograph sisters having moments of pure love and pride and of sharing joyous moments together.  I know that father/daughter dances are going to make me silently cry behind my lens.  I’m ready for these moments.  I know they’re triggers for me.

I wasn’t prepared for all the feelings that Megan and Brendon’s sweet rustic wedding at White Chimneys in Gap, Pa would trigger in me.  My dad was a cowboy.  I cannot see a horse without crying.  I should have realized it when the Brenden told me that one of his must have photographs was of the newlyweds with the famed “hairy cows” that live on the White Chimney’s property, or when I saw that Megan and her bridesmaids all had beautiful cowboy boots, or the feel of the rustic old tobacco barn, carefully decorated with old barn windows, mason jars of wildflowers, welcome signs on pallets, and towers of frosty pink cupcakes.

While getting ready in the cozy bridal cottage, Megan surprised her mother with a piece of her grandfather’s military uniform with his name, which had been carefully sewn into her dress.  Photographing this moment: a mother, her daughter the bride, and her sisters, tears flowing, hugging, simultaneously grieving while laughing, was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever had the privilege of photographing.  Thank you, Megan and Brenden, for allowing me to live in my heart, and photograph yours.

Chicken Coops, Farmland and a Zydeco Band. Yes, Please!


I love those beautiful times when your work and your personal loves collide into one giant evening of celebration and fun.  Alex and Sean’s wedding in West Grove, Pa was exactly that.  Set in a rustic old schoolhouse turned into family compound by the ridiculously talented architect father of the groom, amidst sprawling farmlands, chicken coops strung with paper lanterns and flower themed tables and decorations, this was a truly joyous and home spun evening that was a delight to be a part of.

Alex wasn’t a bride that wanted contrived photos.  She wanted loads of candids, especially of her guests.  No formals photos and very few posed photos of the bride and groom, just timeless photo journalistic coverage that portrayed what her day was really about.  A simple, outdoor Quaker inspired ceremony, a dinner catered by Local 215, one of my very favorite Philly food trucks (and still one of the best pieces of pork belly I’ve ever had in my life), and a cajun zydeco band that turned a farm house in Westgrove into a New Orleans outdoor dance party.

The one thing Alex didn’t tell me about, was how warm and wonderful and welcoming her family was, or how much I would genuinely enjoy spending the evening with a long lens on my camera, hanging back and letting the evening unfold before me.  Or how effortlessly she would handle herself when an unnoticed cut on her mother’s leg got blood on her dress before the ceremony, or how dropping her cake would turn into an story to laugh about later in the evening.  Or that her friends were surprising her and her new husband…with fireworks.

Just another lovely evening I couldn’t have been happier to have been a part of.

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Country Charm in Chester County


As winter hopefully begins to grind to it’s painfully slow end, and our calendar begins to fill with all those wonderful, warm outdoorsy weddings I begin to get excited for our upcoming season.  Weddings like Marcus and Alli’s, filled with warmth and laughter, friends and family.  Amidst the rustic country charm of The Stone Barn in Chester County Pa.  Past rolling hills filled with sunflowers, horses, and fall cornfields, a beautiful outdoor ceremony complete with not one, but 3 flower girls, and the wildly wagging tail of their “dog of honor”.  The reception was truly one of a kind: a real party with karaoke, chucks, and a garter belt flash mob.  And sunflowers.  Lots and lots of sunflowers.  Bring on the sun.  We’re ready.

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