Urban Grunge and Holi Powder


When we first thought of the idea of playing with Holi powder for photo shoots, my biggest concern was not the photography, but finding girls who would let us throw the deeply pigmented powder all over them.  I decided to test the waters with a random facebook post.  The response was overwhelming.  Within just a few minutes I had 5 gorgeous models begging to do the shoot.  The challenge if we wanted to attempt to shoot them all, was making each shoot completely different.  Smurf’s shoot was a celebration of spring, light and playful and fun.  Nikki Malicious was sultry, exotic in an inner city setting.  Lily’s Cheshire’s studio shoot was implied nudity as expression of an artistic soul.  We had 2 left.  Stephanie Price, a tall, statuesque blonde and self proclaimed graphic design art geek, with porcelin skin, strong bone structure and tattoos, and Porsha Terry, a dark skinned, fine boned model who poses like a photographer’s dream.  We settled on two final locations, one featuring Urban Grunge and Holi Powder and a nature shoot on the Wissahickon.  We decided fight the cliche of a dark skinned model amongst all the graffiti of our Urban Grunge and switch the girls.  Our blonde beauty would be our Urban Grunge and Holi Powder princess.

It worked out absolutely beautifully.  For any photographers out there getting frustrated with the unprofessional antics of unpaid shoots, trust me, Stephanie Price is a rare gem.  She showed up, on time, completely prepared.  Her makeup, which she did herself, was perfect.  In black biker boots, a skirt and a black corset against her pale skin and blonde hair, the images of her pop amongst all that graffiti in a truly stunning way.  Sadly, our resident powder slinging assistant, Chris Garten of Jinxed Heart Photography couldn’t make it, so another random facebook post brought us Pete Miller, aspiring photographer who stepped up to the plate, hid behind pillars, rescued our new umbrella from certain windy death, and pummeled Stephanie with Holi Powder.  It was awesome.  So here’s number 4, with a huge thank you to Stephanie, Pete and everyone who has been a part of these shoots.  Oh, and seeing that Stephanie is using one of our Holi Powder shots for her graphic design “about me” page?  SWEET!

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