Christine and Adam’s sweet Philly wedding started at her home, surrounded by close friends and family. Christine could barely contain her joy, and has a smile that is absolutely infectious. I love being able to travel with the bridal party to catch some fun party bus photos.  Adam’s first look at his beautiful bride was as she walked down the aisle of Old Saint Joseph’s, Philadelphia’s oldest Catholic community, in continuous existence since 1733.  Although this couple was all about getting to their reception to party, they indulged me with a quick dip into Washington Square Park for some photos before heading off to Front & Palmer, former barrel factory in South Kensington, remade into a modern event site, filled with art chandeliers, rustic wood floors, solar panels and art furniture. It’s one of my new favorite venues for Philly weddings. Just perfect.

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Caterer Feast Your Eyes, Inc., 1750 North Front Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19122

DJ/Band EBE – Philadelphia Wedding Bands,,Party DJ’s, Event Planning, 1020 North Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19125

Wedding Dress Retailer Lovely Bride, 237 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19106



Letrell and Elisa’s intimate East Falls, Philadelphia wedding was a true joy to be a part of.   A lovely couple who wanted a small, cozy wedding surrounded by friends and family in the neighborhood they once lived in. For someone like me, who spends a crazy amount of time and energy on Philly weddings dragging around lightstands and photo gear on party buses, double parking, risking what shoulder joints I have left dipping in and out of locations, a wedding day as simple as this one was, was truly wonderful.

The Philadelphia Wedding Chapel is a hidden gem for Philadelphia weddings. They’ve recently expanded their space to include a large dining room, warm with re-claimed wood panels and flooded with natural light. Stacey Thomas does a beautiful job officiating the service and providing a serene, sophisticated and joyous event. After the ceremony, a quick trip to Falls Bridge is one of my favorite spots in the area for bride and groom photos, ripe with beautiful views and interesting architecture.  In Riva was the perfect spot for some incredible Napoletana style pizza and to watch the sun go down along the banks of the Schuylkill River.