One of the best decisions I’ve made as a photographer, is to continue to second shoot for other studios even as our business grows by leaps and bounds.  It’s not that I don’t adore first shooting and being in control of everything (and in all honesty, it’s probably a better fit for someone with my control issues), but there are moments that you are obligated to get.  First looks, rings being placed on fingers, bride and groom being announced…moments that have to be documented can stifle a photographers creativity as the obligation to capture the big moments, can keep you from constantly searching for the little, more intimate moments that no one else sees.

We consider ourselves alternative wedding photographers.  That doesn’t mean that we shoot weird, unflattering angles for the sake of being “different” or that we choose our brides by who has the most tattoos.  I love our tattooed, alternative brides, but it doesn’t meant that we don’t adore shooting the classic bride, in a lovely church, surrounded by large bridal parties.  It means that we look at each wedding with fresh eyes, take what’s in front of us, and capture it in a way that is as unique as the day is.  I don’t always photograph bouquets in a brides hands at a quirky angle.  Sometimes there’s a interesting wall to lean a bouquet against, or a pillow with interesting textures.  I don’t have a “signature” ring shot, I try something different every time I shoot.

For Alex and Matt’s classic wedding at the Crystal Tea Room, I came armed with three words for inspiration.  Abstract, experiment and play.  Let someone else get the safe, documentary shots.  I wanted to find a way to make a Katubah signing interesting and intimate.  Let someone else stand in the center aisle and get the shot of rings being placed on a finger.  I wanted the photo bride’s father tearing up, of parents holding hands, of a beautiful bride as shot through the heads of some super tall groomsmen.  Let someone else get the classic portrait of the bride and groom, I wanted them making out in the revolving door as they tried to stay warm.  I wanted to play, to try new things, and to bring them to our BWR brides.  I came away with beautiful, interesting, and some truly unique images of a classic wedding, and some new techniques to bring to our upcoming April weddings.  Go me!

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