Our “Bad Mommy” photo shoot is a result of the collaboration of Philadelphia photographers Lori Foxworth and Paul Cofield of Black, White and Raw Photography and sideshow performer and clown babe Reverend MacKenzie Moltov.  This is one piece of a larger work, in which we have documented the journey of this sexy, sword swallowing, fire breathing, aerialist from her days as young performer, falling in love, getting pregnant, becoming a single parent and currently of photographing her in abandoned and creepy amusement parks in full clown makeup and various stages of undress.  As one of the world’s only known performers to swallow swords late into her pregnancy, MacKenzie faced ugly backlash from the public regarding totally unfounded misconceptions of her parenting, which we decided to exploit in this shoot styled by Joey Mason of Philly Aids Thrift.  As the single mother of a 17 year old boy, it has been a fascinating project to delve into the journey of a sideshow mother, her beautiful clown baby and to make art with them both.  You can see more of our journey with Reverend MacKenzie Moltov at Reverend MacKenzie Moltov, clown babe.

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