One of our primary challenges of photographing weddings is our unwavering determination to create beautiful images, while bending the rules of classic wedding photography to create fresh, modern coverage while staying true to our artistic sensibilities. We have an upcoming New Year’s Eve wedding, and they want the big Broad Street shot. You know the one, wedding couple, in the middle of the street, the big romantic dip, City Hall in the distance. It’s a tricky shot to make unique. Shoot it in the day, and City Hall is totally washed out and uninteresting. Shoot it at night, and the lights and headlights make it stunning, but not much different than every other wedding pose shot after dark on Broad Street. We wanted to play with it a little before we got on Broad Street with a real couple in the midst of New Year’s Eve insanity. I wanted to try it with no flash. We wanted to see if we could get away with shooting in the subway. We wanted to play without the pressure.

Enter model, dancer, burlesque performer, and costuming maven Meredith Kimberly.  She’s the ultimate definition of “let’s go play”. We first met Meredith Kimberly at the home of bulesque performer and seamstress extraordinaire Anna Frangiosa (aka Annie A-bomb) at her  fabulous Old Timey Photo Party: Pop Art Edition. Meredith was dressed in a cool green 1970’s jumpsuit complete with plunging neckline and  flowing bell bottoms.   I was smitten, in that girl crush photographer-who-needs-to-photograph-beautiful-women kind of way. She had a cool elegance, part Natalie Wood, part Audrey Hepburn, and our random unplanned photos of her, remain some of my absolute favorites. She can pull of classic beauty with a modern, quirky twist.

When I approached Meredith about going out to play in the street one night, she seemed interested. A few days later, she sent me a photo of her in a gorgeous vintage wedding dress. Rather than having to find her a groom, we decided to approach it as a non-traditional, edgy fashion shoot. Her hair and makeup gave her a bit of a “bride gone awry” look. As she frolicked in the middle of traffic, she easily transitioned, at one moment whimsical and playful, the next moment a runaway bride, followed by eerily other worldly and everything in between. We found ourselves quickly abandoning our wedding practice session, as our edgy bride hailed cabs, waited for buses, ducked into the subway, and fearlessly played on the floor of the underground. Absolute perfection


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mj7bGoing through old photos today from our street shooting days, finding many many themes among the thousands of shots. Going to try and do several series.  I started some back several months ago and then we got busy, real busy.  Well any freakin’ way this first post, follow-up post, or whatever you want to call it, was chosen at random from several sorted themes.  Michael Jackson has impacted life on this globe and his image will never be forgotten.   Here is a collection of photos from the last several years of MJ impersonators, images and tributes to the late great from Harlem, Central Park and Philadelphia.

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