Although we built our business on non-traditional, off beat weddings, we’ve recently developed a love for those classic, timeless weddings with couples who love romantic elegance in their weddings while staying true to our aesthetic of fresh, modern photography.  Our classic weddings still incorporate lots of photojournalistic candids, but with more classic poses and portraiture.


I think one of the most valuable things I’ve learned as a business owner in an artistic industry, is the importance of working with other studios.  It gives me an opportunity to photograph couples who may not find us as easily as they can the big, national studios. Without having to worry about marketing and promotion, I can focus just on shooting and of fitting into what the couple is looking for, which is often quite different than those who find us through more of our off-beat, darker shoots.  It sharpens my skills, it broadens my range.

Kim and Bob were an absolute delight to photograph.  Their fall engagement shoot at Ridley Creek State Park, was bright and colorful and the perfect way to get to know them.  When I arrived at Kim’s house where she was getting ready with the girls, I was absolutely thrilled to see her house and bedroom decorated with photos from our first shoot together.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect backdrop for her bridal portraits than the pale blue walls of her bedroom and even a tiny Philly back yard for individual shots with the girls, before we decided to take over the street in front of her house.

Kim wanted unique shots in the church and the staircase of the Merion.  I always love trying interesting church shots, and we lucked out with an unseasonably warm November day, so we took advantage of some outdoor shots as well. I also find getting interesting shots of the staircase at the Merion a little tricky with the assembly line of bridal parties that can accumulate, but I think I finally nailed it with some simple off camera flash.  Her dress from L&H bridal was fairy tale perfect and Domenic Graziano’s Flowers of white with touches of red, were the perfect romantic touch.  Available Sound and Light managed to play all of Kim’s favorite country music so they could sing all night under the reflections of the Skylight Ballroom’s magnificent glass ceiling.  Highlight of the night, when princess perfect beautiful brides  fully commit to a cake smash. Absolutely perfect.

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I love a bride with great ideas.  I met Megan and Reed when we did one of my favorite engagement shoots together, which included some fabulous locations that we’ve revisited since.  The Love Letter Murals are always a lot of fun with a couple, and Megan’s willingness to splash through a particularly muddy and filthy day for some fun photos was real gift and I was excited to collaborate with her on her wedding photography.

Part of the joy of wedding photography is working with the bride to capture her vision in wedding photos.  There are those brides who want you to take the reins and tell the story of their day completely through your own eye, and those for whom part of the fun is trolling Pinterest to develop their vision of the photography.  Pinterest can be both a blessing and a curse to wedding photographers.  For some brides it sets up unrealistic expectations of what is really possible amidst the the chaos of the wedding day.   Many of the images they fall in love which are actually styled shoots using models and lighting that can’t always be accomplished in the time allocated for photos, or the light is wrong or the wedding party is drunk, or a million other factors that end up causing more stress than fun.  Megan’s attitude of having a ton of ideas including a closed eye first look, bubbles and a sparkler exit, but using them more as inspirations for the day and keeping the ones that worked when the time came, and tossing the ones that would have been too much.

After a sweet ceremony, photos were taken at the rustic home of a family friend, where we were treated to beautiful views of lush fall trees.  Megan and Reed are such genuine people, with an easy, romantic elegance about them, and from her ideas, I knew that posing them in more classic, pretty poses felt like a natural match for two.  The James A Michener Art Museum is a stunning venue for an elegant wedding.  Upon entering the Art Museum, the guests were treated to a tented cocktail hour, where a cartoonist was available for fun guest charicatures.  The crisp, clean color scheme of pink, gold, and navy blue felt like a romantic Parisian bistro.  Pale pink and white peony, roses and hydrangas with touches of glittery gold everywhere from the bridal bouquet to the vases filled with  floating candles.  Pink and navy blue signs in gold frames carried the theme.  As guests enter the reception, the museum walls lift to expose an all glass structure surrounded beautifully lit brick walls and surrounded by the museum’s stunning sculpture garden where guests could step out and enjoy a beautifully warm fall evening.

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Venue:  James A Michener Art Museum

Caterer Jeffery A Miller Caterers

Florist An Enchanted Florist at Skippack Village

Wedding Dress Retailer La Bella Moda