Black, White and Raw Photography is the collaboration of photographers Lori Foxworth and Paul Cofield, based in Philadelphia, Pa.  Although our primary focus, is unique, interesting, and non traditional weddings and lifestyle photography in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, we also love traditional and destination weddings in any amazing locations that our fabulous couples choose to share with us.


I am constantly in awe of the couples that we attract for our BWR weddings.   When we began the wedding portion of our business, we knew that we wanted to photograph interesting, unique brides and grooms.  Unlike some photographers with similar aspirations, we don’t mean that our brides are required to be covered in tattoos and piercings, but we love couples who put their own twist on their celebration…and let us drop briefly into the most important day of their lives to photograph it.

A few weeks ago, we had the honor of capturing Jenni and Steve’s wedding at the Reading Public Museum.  A beautiful space with outdoor gardens and a reception held in one of the galleries, surrounded by  art collections at every turn.  From Jenni’s stunningly classic strapless gown and birdcage veil, to the Palladium rings designed by Todd Reed, black and gold themed tables piled with books, candles and elegant goblet styled stemware, the love of art and and artists was evident with every detail.

Jenni’s sons were an integral part of the ceremony, invited to be a part of the marriage, and pinned with surprise raw diamond lapel pins, a promise every bit as significant as the exchange of the wedding rings.  And as the afternoon sun filtered through the trees and we captured this wonderful family, I thought how lucky we are to be creating art for families who truly appreciate it.  And then…just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, at the end of the night, Jenni turns to me and whispers “Oh, and there’s a 1969 Chevelle picking us up, do you think we can we get some photos with it?”  Yes, Jenni, that can TOTALLY be arranged.