New Year’s Eve weddings.  We love them!  Although we don’t really go out and party on New Year’s Eve, we do celebrate as New Years Eve as it marks the anniversary of the very first wedding that we ever shot.  This year we had double treat.  Not only did we get to shoot a beautiful New Year’s Eve celebration at Philly’s gorgeous DoubleTree by Hilton in Center City, but the couple also booked us for the Mummer’s Day Parade on Broad Street the next day, one of our favorite Philly traditions to photograph.

The DoubleTree is a spectacular venue for wedding photography.  Large meeting rooms which can comfortably house a team of makeup artists for bridal parties, stunning views, and a wealth of amazing areas around the hotel to shoot in.  Wedding coordinator Lisa Delucca offers the kind of personal attention to detail which is truly a rarity in the hotel wedding industry, even indulging my request to meet me days before the event for a tour of the entire premises with 5 full floors teaming with photo ops at every turn.  We felt completely welcome at every stage of our two days spent with the cast and crew of the DoubleTree, and nothing makes it easier to get gorgeous photos…except of course, an awesome bride and groom.  Oh yeah, we got that.

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