This page will grow over time.  We are doing a newsletter series with tips and will add them here as we publish the newsletters each week.

Wedding Tips:

Detail photos:  Ever wonder how photographers get pretty detail shots using flowers from the bouquets without pulling them apart? Ask your florist for a small box of “extras” for the photographer when they’re making your arrangements.  They usually won’t charge you for them, and it’s great to have a few to play with when we’re photographing your details!

Boutonnieres:   This is one item that seems to slip through the cracks until the last minute.  Too many times grooms and groomsmen are struggling 10 minutes before the ceremony, asking the photographer, on how and where the boutonniere should be pinned.  The following info should help.

How To Put On A Boutonniere:

In the past, the stem of a boutonniere was inserted through an actual buttonhole in the left lapel. These days a lapel might have a faux buttonhole, or maybe, none at all, so the boutonniere needs to be pinned.

  1. Hold the boutonniere by the stem with your left hand, the flower should face away from the viewer. 
  2. Place the boutonniere on the wearer’s left lapel, approximately four inches down from the tip of the left shoulder. Make sure the flower is positioned correctly before pinning it in place. 
  3. Hold a pin with your right hand, and starting from behind the lapel, push it through the fabric just beneath the head of the flower.
  4. Pierce through the flower stem, reinserting the tip of the pin into the fabric so that the tip of the pin ends up behind the lapel. Be sure that the flower is securely in place. 
  5. With the second pin follow the 3 & 4 again but from the other side making an X with the pins
  6. Tug gently on the stem to be sure the boutonniere is properly fastened.