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Engagement shoot in the Wissahickon and Center City Wedding

Introducing Our Latest Feature!

Love Story Side by Sides: Engagement to Wedding

It’s such a fun journey capturing our clients’ love story, from their engagement to wedding and children and beyond.  I’ve stressed in the past how important I think engagement shoots are to ease the pressure of the wedding day.  It helps you get to know us. Not many people are used to having strangers drop into the most intense moment of their lives, with cameras. The engagement shoot helps you get past the anticipation. We’ll get to know more about your story on our walk which makes us better storytellers on your wedding day.  You’ll learn a few flattering positions we can go to on the big day, and how fun and easy the whole process really is. 

So here’s a little look back at a few of our couples transformations from engagement to wedding.  If you’re a client, and don’t see yourself here, don’t worry! I plan to do lots of these, so come back and check again soon!

Lily and Joe were all about expressing their individual style! As the owner/artist behind Witch’s Way Craft, Lily wanted their engagement shoot to create artwork that she could hang as decor in their wedding venue.  The engagement shoot took place in an abandoned Cemetery in Philadelphia, while their witchy wedding was closer to the couples families in Maryland.  Her celestial blue wedding gown and DIY decor were absolutely perfect.

Tracy and Anthony are so natural and easy together, that photographing them is a breeze. Tracy braved a snow storm at The Museum of Art for a snowy winter engagement shoot, but was rewarded with one of the most beautiful sunsets ever for her wedding photos at the Spring Mill Manor.  The couple has such an modern, elegant vibe.  We loved that Anthony changed into a dinner jacket for his reception. Just perfect.

Sean and Phillip are so warm and welcoming, that you feel as if you’ve been friends forever.  Their Philly engagement shoot was like a fun afternoon date, which included the Gayborhood, Art Museum, and Swan Fountain. Their spectacular wedding at the University of Penn Museum of Archaeology was one of the most joyous events I’ve ever been to.

Kim and Bob have a love that is absolutely infectious.  Their fall engagement shoot was casual and filled with color and folliage  It was the perfect contrast to their classic black and white wedding at The Merion

Megan and Reed cuddled at the Revolution House during their chilly Old City engagement shoot before heading out to Elfreth’s Alley and the Love Letter Murals.  They kept a clean look with black, white and pale shades of pink for their fall wedding at The Michener Art Museum.

Megan and Ben love everything about New Hope, Pa. and therefore wanted both of their shoots there.  Their casual fall engagement shoot was a great way for me to get to know the area before their beautiful wedding at the Holly Hedge Estate.

Sarah and Zahava met in college. Their engagement shoot was in the same area at one of their favorite book shops.  On their wedding day, we couldn’t resist getting them into the library for some fun bridal party shots.

Shauna Rae and Andrew didn’t do engagement photos with us, but ShaunaRae DID let us dunk her in the Wissahickon in her wedding dress a year later.  I’m ALLLLL about the Trash the Dress shoots! 

Terry and BJ were all about the classics.  Their engagement shoot included all the classic Philly spots: Race Street Pier, the Museum of Art, and the fountains.   With a beautiful wedding at The Hotel Monaco, Second Bank was a perfect spot for wedding photos.

Adam and Eva are all about South Philly. Their super cute engagement shoot included the Italian Market and Cheesesteak. A year later we got to photograph their Valley Green Wedding. It  was just as fun, creative and full of life as they are.


I love to blog.  Seriously.  To curl up with my laptop by a sunny window and reflect on my latest favorite shoot is almost as good as actually shooting them.  But as fascinating as I think ALL of our blogs are, it’s easy to get lulled into that wedding blog formula.  We chat about our experiences and post far too many photos from the day.

For this reason, I’ve decided to change it up a bit with some new entries that involve photography tips that are not only perfect for our BWR brides, but for anyone who is planning a wedding, or a fashion shoot or really anything that involves photography!

In the first of this series, we’d like to share our Ideal Timeline for Wedding Photography.  Before publishing this, I posted it in some of those highly secretive Wedding Photographer groups, to get feedback from some of the top wedding photographers all over the country, and the response was overwhelming.  “Why didn’t I think of this?”,  “Perfect”, “Sharing with my couples now” are a few of my favorites.

So if you are planning a wedding, or know someone who is, please feel free to share this timeline by clicking on the following link.  Although your photographer will always work with you to find create a timeline that’s perfect for your day, this is a great general guide to how most wedding photographers like to work and how all those amazing moments are captured.  Enjoy!