What makes us different?

(Besides the unique, one-a-kind artwork we create for our clients, of course!)


Two Lead Shooters Who REALLY Know Each Other

We don’t use the lead shooter/second shooter model most studios employ.  Paul and I are both lead photographers, which means we’re each completely capable of handling any situation that should arise.  I love that our shooting and editing styles are different from each others. This gives you a greater variety of images to choose from.  Most studios will have one person do all of the editing, or send the photos out to a third party to edit.  I love the variety we provide.  And we’re a couple who have been shooting together for years, so we’re good at dancing around each other and knowing how the other person is going to want to photograph each portion of the day.

High Resolution Gallery Links

Most photographers charge extra for the high res links, that we provide with every event we photograph. This is a link you can share with any of your family or friends that you would like to have access to all the photos. They are large enough to blow up and print on a billboard if you wanted.  It means that you and your family aren’t obligated to order prints or albums through us, if they love making albums or printing a collection of photos for their walls. There is no limit to who you share it with or how many they can download. They are welcome to use any of the photos on social media as well.

Non Water-Marked Images

Other studios will often provide watermarked sneak peeks or a “shareable gallery” for use on social media. They use tiny file sizes so the images can’t be printed or used for anything other than fb, and their logo is splashed all over the front. I will never put our logo over a photo.  It’s distracting from the artwork, and I don’t feel that clients should be responsible for marketing our photography. 

Fully Edited Gallery

You will find that many studios will only edit a certain number of images. It may be their favorites, or they may send you a “proofing” page for you to go through and select the images you want edited. Usually it’s a certain number and you have to pay extra to have anything over that number edited.  Paul and I edit every single photo we send you, so when you get your photos, they are all ready to be shared or printed.   

Number of Photos

Although I only guarantee 100 photos per hour of coverage, we tend to deliver more like 1000-1200 images per wedding.  I know this is ALOT more than many studios, but we don’t sit still well and both tend to overshoot everything.  There are guests I may not know traveled from another country to be there, or haven’t seen each other for years. It’s not my place to decide what photos may or may not be important to you.  I’ll get rid of duplicates, test shots, or misfires, if it’s a good shot….you’re getting it!

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