Megan, Justin and a puppy named “Professor”



Every now and then a couple blows you away with their awesomeness.  Megan and Justin were absolutely that and more. Maybe it was the fact that they were just as sweet and in love and happy as they were gorgeous.  Or maybe it was the fact that it was the first beautiful, warm, sunny day day after a long, brutal winter.  Or the easy, casual elegance they both exuded as they danced and laughed and played all around Washington Square. For this one, I started off with the guys and white German Shepard puppy “Professor” who stole my heart, and everything else he could possibly grab and run away with.  After piling in the limo with the boys, we had some time to play a bit in the park while waiting for Megan and her bevy of beauties to arrive.  I loved their first look, and the way they lit up when they saw each other. Megan was absolutely stunning and playful and gracious and perfect. And then it was off to The Ballroom at the Ben for a glamorous evening that was absolutely perfectly Philly.


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