An Intimate Wedding in East Falls, Philadelphia


Letrell and Elisa’s intimate East Falls, Philadelphia wedding was a true joy to be a part of.   A lovely couple who wanted a small, cozy wedding surrounded by friends and family in the neighborhood they once lived in. For someone like me, who spends a crazy amount of time and energy on Philly weddings dragging around lightstands and photo gear on party buses, double parking, risking what shoulder joints I have left dipping in and out of locations, a wedding day as simple as this one was, was truly wonderful.

The Philadelphia Wedding Chapel is a hidden gem for Philadelphia weddings. They’ve recently expanded their space to include a large dining room, warm with re-claimed wood panels and flooded with natural light. Stacey Thomas does a beautiful job officiating the service and providing a serene, sophisticated and joyous event. After the ceremony, a quick trip to Falls Bridge is one of my favorite spots in the area for bride and groom photos, ripe with beautiful views and interesting architecture.  In Riva was the perfect spot for some incredible Napoletana style pizza and to watch the sun go down along the banks of the Schuylkill River.

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9 thoughts on “An Intimate Wedding in East Falls, Philadelphia”

  1. Lori, what a great job capturing the spirit of this couple and their non traditional Wedding in East Falls, Philadelphia.
    I love the approach you took to this shoot and the way you showed that you don’t have to have a huge affair to get great, timeless and romantic wedding photos.
    This couple looks so happy and you did a great job showing that. I especially love their pics on that bridge. So cute!
    Wonderful work as always. 🙂

  2. Black White and Raw Photography has a way of capturing wedding through photography in a way that is both timeless AND unique. Philadelphia Wedding Chapel is an adorable Philadelphia wedding venue! This bride and groom seem so in love and natural and I know they will love their wedding photos forever! Great work as always.

  3. Gorgeous portraits on Falls Bridge! The bride and groom are so beautiful, and it looks like such an emotion-filled wedding. I can’t get over the pizza aspect of this wedding! Stunning photography chowcasing some of Philadelphia’s best wedding spots!

  4. What a gorgeous wedding in East fall Philadelphia. I love the vibrant colors. It looks likes such an intimate ceremony and the moments you captured of the couple are true happiness and love. Im sure they will treasure there forever.

  5. I really like the classic, yet modern feel from the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel. You really highlighted the warm look of the venue. The little cake stands made from cans are an adorable DIY touch. And that ring detail shot is too good! Loving the idea of a pizzeria reception at In Riva! Well done work in Philadelphia from Black White & Raw photography!

  6. What beautiful images by the Falls Bridge in Philadelphia – such a perfect location for wedding pictures! Pizza at a wedding reception too, this could seems to have had the perfect wedding day. Beautiful wedding photography!

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