When Clowns Get Wet, with Reverend MacKenzie Moltov


If I’ve learned nothing else about photography over the past few years that we’ve truly dedicated every waking moment to it, is what a very small part of it is actually the technical knowledge, the rest is pure magic, especially when you’re lucky enough to be shooting model, sideshow performer and ultimate clown babe, Reverend MacKenzie Moltov.  We had a shoot planned for our “Last to Leave” series that we were all looking forward to, but the best laid plans often fall through, due to a myriad of reasons that aren’t really important.  But our planned full day of  remote urban exploration, turned into only having a couple of hours and we scrambled to come up with something local.

MacKenzie had the idea that she wanted to play in water with wet gowns and dripping clown face.  As master of locations, Paul once again came up with something local and relatively easy, the Wissahickon.  I was concerned (as usual) about the light.  It was blazingly hot and sunny and my every vision of what I wanted to shoot was dark and moody, but we didn’t have the luxury of choosing the time and Paul was convinced we could find some dark and shady spots in areas our clown could play in.

Armed with flowy fabric and some dresses that will never be the same, our team once again found pure magic.  The combination of shallow sandy areas, mossy rocks and shooting dark created some stunningly etherial colors, and once we managed to make her clown face run (which wasn’t quite as simple as you would think) some hauntingly eerie images that capture the fine line between sweet beauty and a woman’s complete and total breakdown.  I think it’s one of our strongest shoots in our on-going documentation of MacKenzie’s artistic journey.

And that epic shoot that had to be cancelled?   It happened today.  And it was worth the wait.

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