Modern Elegance at Radnor Valley Country Club


As our business grows, and we find ourselves shooting more traditional, classic weddings, one of the nicest surprises is how many thoroughly modern and interesting couples are embracing the world’s oldest traditions, in a beautifully elegant and fresh way.

Emma and Courcy’s wedding at Radnor Valley Country Club, was a true reflection of this amazing couple.  The guests, a joyful mix of Jamaican and American family and friends, a traditional Jewish Ceremony, and an elegant bride and groom beautifully dressed in white and gold.  Even the cake, covered in rainbow sprinkles was the perfect combination of elegant, yet joyous fun.  We couldn’t resist using it to showcase their unique rings.

The bridal suite at Radnor Valley Country Club was the perfect spot for some of my all time favorite bridal portraits.  Emma’s gold jewelry added a modern edge to her non-traditional white dress, and her handsome husband, Courcy, was perfect in a white suit.  We were joined by BWR’s newest addition to our team, Brad Allen and his crew from Sky Orphan’s Productions.  Such a perfect day, such a truly lovely and gracious bride and groom, we cannot express what an honor it was to be part of your day!

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4 thoughts on “Modern Elegance at Radnor Valley Country Club”

  1. I love everything about this unique Radnor Valley Country Club wedding! Her wedding dress is amazing and that statement necklace is a perfect bold choice to let her personality shine through. Beautiful wedding photography of course, Lori <3

  2. This is such a beautiful traditional Jewish wedding and you captured it beautifully! The Radnor Valley Country Club looks like the perfect venue for such an elegant wedding. Love the detail photographs you did and all the candid moments you caught throughout the entire day! I know the bride and groom will love their wedding photos forever!

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