Philadelphia Winter Engagement Shoot

Engaged couple kisses on Addison street with lights behind them
Engagement photo on Philadelphia’s Addison Street

I don’t think there’s anything more romantic than a Philadelphia winter engagement shoot. The city sparkles with twinkle lights and the air is crisp with holiday romance. I think the most successful engagement shoots make you feel like you’re observing a date of a couple who are deeply in love. Jillian and John’s winter engagement shoot was exactly that.

The couple had a rustic winter wedding planned and originally their engagement shoot was going to have a rustic vibe also. But mother nature had other plans and we kept getting rained out. We finally settled on more of a city shoot with a several cute locations. I ended up really loving the contrast between their winter shoots. The city engagement shoot coupled with the  rustic wedding provided a nice variety of images while the chilly winter temps kept the photos cohesive.

I adore late afternoon light, so we met two hours before sunset and planned to hit three locations: Broad Street, Rittenhouse Square and Addison Street. Jillian and John brought champagne that I had them open by the famous Rittenhouse Christmas tree. Addison Street is always beautiful in the winter, when the tiny, tree lined street is lit up with twinkle lights. We finished up our shoot in the fading winter light and it absolutely couldn’t have been more perfect. 

Photographed by Lori Foxworth for Hitched Productions

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