Rainy Day Brides


We’ve been extremely fortunate not to have many weddings where torrential downpours happened at the worst possible time, but it does happen.  We love taking advantage of the whatever the weather may bring, as it is an integral part of the day, and a beautiful rain can make for really special photos if a bride is up to braving the elements.  For those brides that don’t want to risk getting their dress a little wet, or hair a little droopy, night portraits after all of the evenings events are over, can yield some beautiful and unique images.  Shooting in the rain, especially at night, can pose some tricky conditions and often takes a little longer to set up.  Having a groomsman with an umbrella assigned to help keep the photographers equipment dry and safe is a great way to work more efficiently. Cute umbrellas are a bonus, at least for the bride and groom, but usually venues and bus drivers have extra large ones available to borrow.  So rather than changing all of your plans if the rains threaten to come, make sure you’ve hired a photographer who knows how to handle rough conditions, throw some cute boots and umbrellas in the trolley, and consider stomping in some puddles, or taking a romantic stroll with your spouse at the end of the night.

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4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Brides”

  1. I can’t imagine these wedding portraits any other way! Rainy wedding days can seem like a bummer, but you are SO right.. wedding couples need to be sure to hire a wedding photographer who can handle any type of weather! You rocked these rainy wedding portraits and made them seem magical. Black White and Raw Photography nails it again!

  2. LOVE the red umbrella wedding photo with the bride and groom! Rainy day weddings can be so fun when your photographer knows what she’s doing. Your rainy day brides and grooms are in good hands! Was that bridal party shot at Grace Winery? It looks just as beautiful on a rainy day as ever.

  3. I’m not going to lie but sometimes I love a good rainy day wedding (sometimes), it makes me get creative especially at night. and those red umbrella pictures in the vineyard those are golden I mean I wouldn’t want different pictures those are stunning.

  4. These are stunning images! With you as my wedding photographer, I would WANT it to rain! These couples look so calm, happy, and relaxed, and I know it’s because they have complete confidence in their photographer!

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