Abandoned amusement park porn.  I’ll admit it, we’re totally obsessed.  We’ve done three now, each journey completely different, and with each one we learn something new, we get better.  Our first abandoned park shoot with a newly pregnant Rev MacKenzie Moltov was fairly terrifying.  We found an old roller coaster and a beautiful atrium where an old carousel once stood.  MacKenzie was flawless, even having the nerve to  hang naked from her hand loop, tiny baby bump exposed, on the old, rotting Cyclone.  But fear grabbed hold, and we didn’t explore the entire area as we should have.  Our second park shoot with our clown babe, was a beautiful mess.  A carousel, which had collapsed under the weight of winter’s brutal snow provided a perfect backdrop for MacKenzie, but the area was totally exposed to a major highway and we were surrounded by more “no trespassing signs” than anyone should really feel comfortable jumping over with a half naked clown babe.  We had to be quick with that shoot, and in our haste, we didn’t attempt to get into the buildings or to change MacKenzie’s costume, which was a mistake we were determined never to make again.

And now our third and best abandoned park shoot to date.  We took our time to find the best, most private entrance.  MacKenzie assembled some gorgeous costumes, including a fabulous wedding dress loaned to us by ultimate thrift store guru Christina Kallas-Saritsoglou, manager and co-founder of  Philly Aids Thrift, which continues to be a treasure trove of costuming and prop finds.   With the help of  PAT  stylist Joey Mason, we found more wedding dresses than we had dreamed possible, and the perfect one for our fairy tale adventure.  This time we were determined to take our time, make costume changes and explore every building we possibly could get into.  And get into them, we did! Although the buildings had been vandalized, covered in graffiti, with broken windows and trash, each building held treasures from past decades of children’s scenes.  The buildings weren’t entered by visitors to the park, but families would press a button to see characters animated inside each one.

We used one building as a home base for costume changes.  Before we got to the wedding dress, we came dangerously close to getting caught by some men working at an adjacent facility.  Two  parks ago, we would have bolted.  Not this time.  We hadn’t gotten to our favorite look or to our clown tea party. We were determined.  We ducked from one building to another until we were out of sight.  We found a spot where they couldn’t see us, which was fortunately Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater’s giant orange house.  Perfect for our clown bride.  We stayed calm, clear and focused.  We got our wedding dress shots.  MacKenzie changed into several different outfits and had her own clown tea party, which Paul used to make a brilliant composite shot.

And this time…WE GOT VIDEO.  We want to take this further.  Go on the road, explore more of the US and hit some hauntingly beautiful decay around the world.  This is only the beginning of a fabulous new journey with our clown babe.  Stay tuned.  It’s quite possible that we’ll need help on our journey to shoot these beautiful remnants of childhood memories in a way that no one else has ever done before.  And we’ll need a strong team to join us in our adventure of making more beautiful art.


I have control issues.  I love the thrill of putting together all aspects of a shoot…once we’re finished with the photos.  Finding the right model, perfect location, choosing wardrobe and accessories, playing with lighting, selecting the right lenses, and perfecting the processing, I really don’t think anyone knows how many decisions go into each and every photo.  Or what photographers actually DO, which is so much more than pressing the shutter.   As intensely introverted as I am, the bigger the team we have to assemble the more stressed out I become.  Stressed that people will be late, or cancel or get sick, or just be off their game,  which is why it’s so intensely satisfying to complete a shoot like this one.

Porsha Terry is one of the best young models in Philadelphia.  With her strong features that totally transform in photos, to her body which is a perfect combination of long angles and feminine curves, she is not only one of the hardest working and committed young models I know, but a consummate professional in every way.  Porsha will never be late, will never be unprepared, and will always give 110%.  She answers all of my excessive messages and is totally a part of making our vision happen.  After 2 great shoots with her including a test shoot at Race Street Pier and a stunning nature Holi Powder shoot, I knew we had to step up our game.  I contacted our friends Tattooed Mom, one of our favorite indoor locations, covered in graffiti, vintage furnishings, and some beautiful diffused light from the upstairs windows.  In doing a little internet inspiration research, I came across some photos of Grace Jones in the 80’s, which reminded me of Porsha.  Psydde Delicious of Delicious Boutique instantly saw our vision, offered to style the shoot and put together some amazing wardrobe and accessories loaded with their signature leather, torn edges and hardware, bad ass short jackets, hip hugging belts and leggings that look as though you were poured into them.  Zarah Arlene did double duty as hair and makeup artist.  (And for the record, anyone who can do both is absolutely invaluable at shoots).   The blue, black and white wig she MADE by hand completely took the shoot into a whole surreal Studio 54 vibe that was just the bonus which makes collaboration the key.  And the ombre lips? Don’t get me started.  Makeup so flawless that you don’t have to touch it in post production makes me all giddy.  Psydde’s assistant, and corset maker Bridgett Farrell rounded out the location team brilliantly.  She took total control of all things clothing, helping Porsha change, draping belts perfectly on a hip, flaring out the hood on a leather hooding, a total pro who’s attention to detail allowed us to focus (literally) on the photography.

I’m in love with the photos Paul and I captured.  A young, fresh, modern take on high fashion punk, with a healthy nod to Grace Jones and CBGBs without being a bad imitation.  Porsha fearlessly transitioned from one look to the next, as Paul and I played with some of our favorite elements, urban decay, street art, nudity and fashion, while managing to create totally editorial and commercial shots,  even taking time for Paul to set up some totally cool composite photos and his first attempt at working with levitation.   So take a look and enjoy!  And please feel free to like and share.  We kind of live for that.