There are days when I wish I could record some of the phone calls I get, like when Stefanie first called me inquiring about wedding photography.  “We’re doing a Doctor Who themed wedding and want an engagement shoot in Asbury Park dressed from different Doctor Who episodes that will be used as table settings.  Could you do something like that?”  I was instantly intrigued and terrified.  Paul has been a Doctor Who fan for years, but I needed a crash course.  Over the next several weeks, we binge watched from a quite extensive list of episodes that Stef listed as their favorites.  The engagement shoot turned into one of my very favorites, where Stef and Adam came loaded with costumes and props, and we spent the next several hours climbing sand dunes and creeping through the old casino, with our future bride and groom running with sonic screwdrivers down the boardwalk from invisible enemies.  Paul couldn’t resist photoshopping armies of Daleks and Weeping Angels throughout their shoot.

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Wedding Day!  The tardis has landed!

Fast forward to wedding day!  Surrounded by Tardis blue bridemaids, Stef’s “getting ready” photos are among some of my favorite bridal portraits ever.  She absolutely radiated light and an easy elegance with sweet lace sleeves which she would remove for the reception an add a stunning drop necklace, while Adam donned his perfect bow tie.

Upon entering the lobby of the Northhampton Valley Country Club, guests were welcomed with Tardis Keys for table assignments, signed a River Song Diary guest book, selected a bag of gummy bears, engraved pencils and took a seat.  We were almost giddy with excitement when we were introduced to Al Vernacchio, the officiant perfectly attired as a Doctor, and performed a wonderfully simple ceremony complete with a unity candle lit by sonic screwdriver, and a diary.  After cocktail hour, guests found their tables, each centerpiece complete with a photo of a Doctor Who episode alongside a matching scene from our Asbury Park engagement photos.  Music by Eric Scott Gold of East Coast Event Group truly made it a party, with lighting that actually enhanced the photography rather than ruining it.

Stef and Adam, thank you for allowing us to document your amazing adventures.  It’s been an absolute joy!

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I love to blog.  Seriously.  To curl up with my laptop by a sunny window and reflect on my latest favorite shoot is almost as good as actually shooting them.  But as fascinating as I think ALL of our blogs are, it’s easy to get lulled into that wedding blog formula.  We chat about our experiences and post far too many photos from the day.

For this reason, I’ve decided to change it up a bit with some new entries that involve photography tips that are not only perfect for our BWR brides, but for anyone who is planning a wedding, or a fashion shoot or really anything that involves photography!

In the first of this series, we’d like to share our Ideal Timeline for Wedding Photography.  Before publishing this, I posted it in some of those highly secretive Wedding Photographer groups, to get feedback from some of the top wedding photographers all over the country, and the response was overwhelming.  “Why didn’t I think of this?”,  “Perfect”, “Sharing with my couples now” are a few of my favorites.

So if you are planning a wedding, or know someone who is, please feel free to share this timeline by clicking on the following link.  Although your photographer will always work with you to find create a timeline that’s perfect for your day, this is a great general guide to how most wedding photographers like to work and how all those amazing moments are captured.  Enjoy!