We’ve been incredibly fortunate to attract couples who are unafraid to break tradition and do their own thing.  Fall is always our busiest season of the year, and has some of our favorite weddings.  There are fall leaves dripping from the trees, rich color palettes, Halloween parties and hot cider.  Fall weddings can be deeply romantic and completely unique.  Although we adore all of our BWR couples, our dark little souls have a special place for those whom embrace their beautifully creepy sides.

Abandoned Cemetery Engagement

Lily Cheshire is the owner and artist behind Witch’s Way Craft, so Lily and Joe’s engagement photos include an abandoned Cemetery, smoke bombs and 2 cats with only 3 eyes between them. 

Dark, Moody Romance at the Vandiver Inn

The couple continued their theme a year later, with a dark romantic wedding at the Vandiver Inn. She did all the spooky decor from a flower wholesaler and her personal collection of skulls. We loved that they included framed prints of their engagement shoot throughout the venue. 


Halloween Elopement with Witchling at the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Carrie and Craig traveled from Virginia just to have a Halloween elopement in Philadelphia.  Their private ceremony at the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel included their daughter as a witchy flower girl.  After the ceremony we walked over to Falls Bridge for some Halloween family photos that were loads of fun!

Doctor Seuss Wedding at Laurel Hill Cemetery

The wedding that started it all, was a Doctor Seuss themed wedding in Philly’s historic Laurel Hill Cemetery.  Not only was there a gorgeous bride in a blush pink dress, colorful Truffula trees and paper bouquets made from stories, it remains one of Offbeat Bride’s third most viral blog posts with 3.7 thousand shares for A Doctor Seuss Wedding in a Philadelphia Cemetery.

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Halloween Costume Party at North Bowl

Chrissa and TJ’s Halloween themed costume party at North Bowl was a family affair complete with street art, wedding ring tattoos, and one of the most gorgeous black cakes I’ve ever seen.  And if you’ve never been fortunate enough to photograph family formals with Wayne and Garth, a corpse bride and a fairy princess in a bowling lane, I highly suggest it.  Another favorite of ours fortunate to be included in Offbeat Bride.


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Burlesque Performer at Hunting Hill Mansion

Burlesque Performer Nikki Malicious married her love Steve, at Ridley Creek Mansion with DYI details including paper bouquets, drenched in the  colors of the Philadelphia Flyers and officiated by one of Philly’s favorite drag queens, The Goddess Isis.

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Rock and Roll Bride at Waterloo Village

Waterloo Village was the setting for Christine and Ryan’s rock and roll fall wedding. With rich colors that complimented Christine’s rose tattoo, bridesmaids with leather jackets, and vegan s’mores by the fire, we couldn’t resist the loveliness of a few cemetery bridal portraits.

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This post was originally created in 2016, but I love updating it with my favorites every year.  Are you planning a beautifully creepy fall wedding? Please reach out, we’d love to add your wedding to next year’s re-post! 

Elmwood Park Zoo wedding

Bride and groom at their Elmwood Park Zoo wedding

Suron and Joey’s Elmwood Park Zoo wedding was absolutely one I will never forget.  After the zoo closed to the public, the bride, groom and wedding guests had the beautiful zoo all to themselves! Giraffes patiently waited for the nupials to end, so everyone could come give them lettuce treats.   Jaguars were the sleepiest guests at cocktail hour, and guests were given a hour to enjoy their cocktails on the carousel before heading over to their fabulous Elmwood Park Zoo wedding reception.

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First Look

The Proposal

“Joey proposed in December 2017, a week before Christmas. He had the ring wrapped under the tree for several weeks and kept trying to get me to pick an early present to open and I kept saying no. Then, instead of opening the one he and the boys were trying to get me to open, I’d pick a different one.  I finally agreed to open one he picked and Jacob was recording it. I open this box and it has a jewel encrusted egg in it and I’m like “oh – it’s an egg – um, pretty”.  The video clearly shows that I’m trying to be nice over this odd gift. Then he kneels down to open it and the ring was inside and proposes alongside the kids. It was funny and sweet and I keep the ring in the egg by my bed when I sleep. Oh and now when he wants me to open presents I will.” 

First Look

“I actually really loved walking up behind him at the first look. I am sure I was nervous giggling.”

The Venue

“We love Elmwood Park Zoo. Having gone many times as a family, it’s a place we have memories.  I wanted a place we could revisit – and can go anytime.  Now even feels more like our place. Next we are going to get a brick engraved with our date/names and have that at the zoo.”

Wedding Inspiration

Since it was at the zoo, we had a subtle animal theme. The Brides/bridesmaids were zebras, and the Groom/groomsman were jaguars. Moms were owls, and dads (not present for health reasons) were eagles. We got small gifts in those animal themes for each of the wedding party. Other than that we didn’t have a strong theme. The zoo was the anchor.

Family Photos



“One of my best memories is having my boys with me – arm in arm – walking me down the aisle. Exchanging the rings with Joey and us fumbling around, not knowing how to do it smoothly or repeat the words properly.”

Giraffe Feeding

We are animal lovers so if we were going to spend a load of money, we wanted it to benefit something other than ourselves and this would benefit the zoo/animals.


Cocktail Hour