We first met Tyger B in the beginning of our professional photography careers.  We were working for a now defunct bilingual magazine targeted towards latino tech geeks.  Yeah, not a big surprise that one didn’t last.  We clumsily set up a few lights and photographed a young hip hop dancer named Tyger B getting tangled in Christmas lights on our living room floor.  Our images from that shoot are remarkably good, it’s actually a shame they never saw the light of day.  We followed Tyger B as his reputation as a dancer and choreographer grew, and watched as he began teaching and traveling to Japan and Canada, as well as gaining popularity for his fabulous paintings as a Philly RAW Artist.

And now, a few short years later, we took an afternoon to meet up with Tyger at a time when we are all totally immersed in our art, and our careers and just played.  Wherever the light stuck us, whatever Tyger felt like leaping over or climbing up, and the results are truly wonderful.  So here’s to taking a little time to meet a friend at sunset, continuing to practice our craft and creating art in Philadelphia, a city that has been very good to all of us.  Enjoy!

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I think I need to start saving the messages we get from models wanting to shoot.  One that we’d been talking about doing for a while was a request from Anna Frangiosa, known in the burlesque world as Annie A-Bomb.  A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology as well as Temple University, Anna is remarkably talented costume designer and seamstress, as well as the being the artistic director of The Cabaret Administration, an incredibly smart and sexy theater company/burlesque troupe that “focuses on entertainment which is satirical, sensual, and visually stunning”, often based on the classics, such as The Nutcracker, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, and The Wizard of Oz.  A dedicated political activist, burlesque performer, writer, director, and avid bike rider, it’s a minor miracle that she found time for a quick afternoon photo shoot.

Anna is passionate about her main means of transportation, her bike.  She wanted a sexy bike shoot, which was completely puzzling to me.  Sexy bike shoot?  I really couldn’t imagine anything less sexy than a bicycle.  I should have known better.  In the back seat of our truck (which has seen more half naked models that a Victoria Secret catalog), she deftly changed into an edgy black strappy number that she made.  We found some perfect late summer golden light, and she literally stopped traffic.

I’m not sure which was my favorite moment of the shoot.  When we had to postpone it due to Anna’s sudden booking as the cook on a ship, or the woman who yelled at us from her car window as we shot on a bridge “HEY!!!  DOES THAT OUTFIT COME IN AN EXTRA LARGE?”  Priceless Philly afternoon…made.

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