A Classic Philly Engagement Shoot

Terri-93I absolutely love engagement shoots.  To have an uninterrupted hour and half to get to know our future brides and grooms without the added pressure of guests and timelines, to teach them a few romantic poses, to learn how best to showcase their love for each other, I feel is an invaluable investment for couples to get the most out of their wedding day photography.

Teri and Bj were all about the classic Philly engagement shoot spots.  As much as I love our offbeat locations, there’s something awfully romantic about taking a ride around the city at sunset, starting out with their ridiculously adorable dogs at Race Street Pier , followed by some sweet photos at Love Park, and night portraits that I’m incredibly proud of on the Art Museum steps.  Night portraits are becoming one of our signature closings to our wedding coverage, and I think these are some of my favorites.  Teri and Bj are gorgeous to photograph, loads of fun and have totally bad ass careers that make me swoon a little.  I can’t wait to have Teri in a wedding dress!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    I love these Classic Philly engagement photos by black white and raw! Everything! The LOVE statue engagement photos, the dramatic lighting! Amazing!

  2. Nicholas Albert
    Nicholas Albert says:

    Love these. Very Classic Philly Engagement photos with some really nice lighting touches and lots of candid photography. Thank you for sharing your inspirational images with us!

  3. Ryan Eda
    Ryan Eda says:

    Excellent location and images! Especially the night time portraits at the Art Museum! Race street pier and the Waterworks are always gorgeous locations for engagements! Very nice stuff!

  4. Ashlee
    Ashlee says:

    This classic Philadelphia engagement shoot is stunning! I love the variety of locations and dramatic lighting. My favorite photographs are of the Philly skyline. Gorgeous work!!

  5. Amanda Walker-Fleming
    Amanda Walker-Fleming says:

    I love this engagement session in Philadelphia. I really love the night shots you got, they are gorgeous!!

  6. Amy Santos
    Amy Santos says:

    Talk about CUTE puppies!!! Ah, this engagement shoot turned out incredible. Your engagement photography is wonderful to begin with, but taking them around during daylight, dusk and into the night produced stunning results. I’m sure they are blown away and can’t wait for you to be their wedding photographer! Race Street Pier, Love Park and the Art Museum steps are great locations.. good work!

  7. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    Absolutely love this classic Philly engagement! The shots with their dogs were so adorable! The locations you chose were classic Philly- Race Street Pier, Love Park and the Philadelphia Museum of Art- but you gave them such a fresh take! Love!!

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