James and Maria’s Olde City / Penn’s Landing Engagement Shoot


Philadelphia is one of the most perfect cities for wedding and engagement photography. It is a wonderful mix of sophistication, history and a thriving artistic community.  As a photographer, spending one of the last warm days of fall getting to know our future wedding clients as we wander historic streets, discovering interesting nooks and crannies is a real joy.

For Maria and James’s shoot we began in Olde City at Headhouse Square, and played with the light streaming in from the sides. It wasn’t long before we discovered James was capable of a perfect “dip”, which we can’t wait to see more of on their wedding day.  The window of Liberty Bellows, was my favorite unexpected surprise backdrop of the day.  We walked along Penn’s landing, found some sun- drenched hammocks and photographed our couple as they danced through Olde City, light up props in tow.  And it was pretty much perfect.

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  1. Amy Santos
    Amy Santos says:

    So many different “backdrops”, changes in lighting and pops of color.. I love it! What a great variety to have for their engagement photos. You rocked this portrait session all over Olde City and Penn’s Landing. Beautiful photography as always!

  2. andrea
    andrea says:

    These Philadelphia engagement photos feature so many scenes around the city! Beautiful job show casing the couple surrounded by all the beauty!

  3. Ailecia Ruscin
    Ailecia Ruscin says:

    These Philadelphia engagement portraits tell the story of a couple in love in the city. The city is as central to the story as the couple, it is the backdrop for their love and will be the place they build a life together. Beautiful captures of connection and life. If I were looking for a wedding photographer in Philadelphia, you’d be at the top of my list!

  4. Amanda Walker-Fleming
    Amanda Walker-Fleming says:

    This is a beautiful engagement session at Penns Landing and Olde City. You did an amazing job and congratulations to the happy couple!

  5. Paul J. Spetrini
    Paul J. Spetrini says:

    Lori, you did a wonderful job with these photos. I love the rich, dark colors and the variety of backdrops/poses.
    I have no doubt this couple had their hands full when they were going through these photos to find a favorite and that’s exactly how you want to leave an engaged couple. Plus, I bet they’re counting down the days to their wedding … if for no other reason than to see what you can create on that day too.
    Wonderful work as always. :)

  6. Steve
    Steve says:

    This is a wonderful engagement session! I love the location in the Head House, that is one of my favorite little structures in Phildelphia!

  7. Bethany
    Bethany says:

    What fabulous variety in this Philly engagement session! My favorite is the gorgeous dip photo in the middle of the street!

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