Alyssa and Tj Dance through Westchester


It was an absolutely perfect engagement shoot.  I’d never been to Westchester, Pa and was looking forward to spending a little time shooting around town.  I could barely contain my excitement when Alyssa showed up in a pink tulle skirt and Tj had a great list of locations and alleys, perfect for an engagement shoot.  They even had a mom to bring their gorgeous puppy, and happily whisk him away when his camera time was over.  Westchester is a beautiful area, and having this couple happily dance through it’s streets for me to photograph, was romantic and sweet and absolutely perfect.

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4 thoughts on “Alyssa and Tj Dance through Westchester”

  1. This makes me want to photograph everyone in a pink tulle skirt! Your photography makes me want to visit the spots you shoot. I now want to walk down an alley in Westchester! This engagement session not only has great lighting, but throw in their adorable pup and you have a winning photo shoot! Great work!

  2. This makes me want to wear a tulle skirt all the time, if I can rock it half as well as this beautiful lady can! They dressed up so well and look stunning together. And if that wasn’t perfect enough, their dog makes it even more so. Gorgeous. I now desperately want to shoot a session in Westchester.

  3. This is great I loved seeing them dance through weschester in these gorgeous pictures. I love the addition of the dog in the engagement shoot. This was a beautiful pa engagement great job

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