An Easy Summer Wedding at Valley Green Inn on the Wissahickon


Adam and Eva’s easy summer wedding at Valley Green Inn on the Wissahickon was the epitome of colorful, joyous whimsy, truly unique and absolutely wonderful.  We first met Adam where we find all our best treasures, at Philly Aids Thrift where he works as a manager.  We were fortunate to have one of our favorite engagement sessions at the Italian Market with the couple and knew we were in for a treat photographing their wedding.

Their details were a perfect reflection of the artistic, uniqueness of the pair.  From Eva’s pale grey dress with floral shoes, to Adam’s pink bow tie and Nikes, the bridal party in non-matching dresses (SOMUCHYES!) and everyone’s hand made bouquets and floral crowns.  Paper flowers adorned the archway for an outdoor ceremony on the Wissahickon, oddly perfect with the wrestling figures used as centerpieces on the tables.

This wedding was all about family and friends and laughter.  Eva’s nephew entertained guests pre-ceremony with a spectacular cello rendition of Star Wars pre-ceremony, and the Philly Aid’s Thrift family in attendance were fabulous in every way.  Some weddings you just feel fortunate to be a part of.  Thank you Adam and Eva for allowing us to drop into your life for an unforgettable afternoon.

WARNING!!!  Playing Heart during cake cutting can lead to brilliantly geeky lip syncing.  Trust me on this one.

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8 thoughts on “An Easy Summer Wedding at Valley Green Inn on the Wissahickon”

  1. The wedding dress is amazing and you really captured all the awesomeness of this alternative wedding and offbeat bride! Wonderful job, Lori Foxworth Photography!

  2. Valley Green Inn was a perfect wedding venue for this bride and groom! And your wedding photography nailed the raw emotions and fun feel of the entire day. Great job capturing candid moments for the couple! Her wedding dress is to die for. Lovely, lovely work

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