Quaratined Philly 

One Month In

It was 30 days into Quarantined Philly and we were itching to shoot. I made a facebook post asking if anyone would like a drive-by portrait session, fully aware that there would probably be some internet rage about what an irresponsible project it was. To my surprise, that’s not at all what happened. We had a bunch friends reach out and say that they would love to be part of our porch portraits and would happily come outside for a quick few shots.

It was going to be ambitious to drive around the city and get all the portraits we could. It made for a few interesting limitations than I hadn’t anticipated. First being that we were only going to have a few minutes for each person. Second, since we were staying 6-8 feet away, we couldn’t move around much to find the best natural light. But what we did find, was how amazing our friends were. Everyone had been inside for a month at this point, and ready to see someone, anyone, even from the safety of their front porches. It was an incredible variety of people. Families and clowns, medical workers and showgirls, restaurant workers, performers, artists and wedding clients. It was so moving to see everyone for the first time since we’d all been on lock down. It was a wonderful surprise that performers got into character and that children came out with their parents. We managed to catch some essential workers on their way out into the world, or just enjoying a few minutes outdoors in the sunshine.

So I present these in the order that we photographed them, and I hope you enjoy seeing everyone one month into their quarantine as much as we did. It already feels like a lifetime ago. Let me know if we can come capture a little of who you are right now, more than 2 months in. No matter what happens, it’s important to remember this time. Sending everyone much love, and hoping we all stay safe and healthy.

The Smith Family


Jessica and Bill

Leaf (Baked Pizza)

MacKenzie Moltov and Ulee

Christine(Lelu Lenore) and Zack 




Jenn and Joe

Cheshire Sam



Photos by Lori Foxworth and Paul Cofield of Black, White and Raw Photography


Anniversary Shoots

5 years of anniversary shoots

As if anyone needed further proof that we have the most awesome clients ever, I must share the past 5 years of Lauren and Charles’ anniversary shoots!

Lauren and Charles hired me for their wedding through the national studio I work for, George Street Photo. It’s a studio I love working for, but I don’t get much chance to get to know my GS couples before their wedding. We only get one phone call before the wedding, however, even from that one phone call, I felt an instant connection to them. Their wedding was a sun drenched day filled with laughter and easy spring vibes. A year later, Lauren reached out to me with her idea of breaking out their wedding attire for an anniversary shoot and trying to keep it up every year! It was such a cute idea, and a great shoot.

Almost 5 years later, and we just finished our 3rd amazing anniversary shoot with them. They’re such a fun couple that it’s become a great little project finding different locations for their shoots. This year we did Longwood Gardens and it’s probably my favorite so far. I truly look forward to our little 90 minute field trips. I’m so grateful to photograph them over the years, I can’t wait to see where I can make them dance next year! 

Historic Smithfield Inn Wedding

I loved Lauren’s non-traditional dress and dried flower bouquet. She even indulged me in giving me time for a killer double exposure using her bouquet as texture. I MUST remember to start doing these at our anniversary shoots!

Anniversary Shoot 1: Batsto Village

The first anniversary shoot was at Batsto Village in New Jersey. It’s such a beautiful spot for a rustic shoot, and there’s no permit needed. There’s no entrance fee and lots of cool nooks and crannies. It’s great for outdoor shoots when the weather is beautiful.

Anniversary Shoot 2.5: Adventure Aquarium

Anniversary shoot number 2 was SO cold, we had to find an indoor spot. Adventure Aquarium was loads of fun, and I think we really got some great images. Note to photographers: It’s a tough place to shoot. Be prepared to have to work around crowds, it’s super dark, you can’t use off camera flash, and you have to watch for flash reflections in all that glass. That being said, it’s never a bad thing to spend the day at the aquarium, and we did get some super cool images. 

Anniversary Shoot 4.5: Longwood Gardens

This year were determined to stay warm and Lauren wanted some Holiday cheer. Longwood Gardens fit the bill perfectly! No flash is allowed at Longwood, but there’s tons of natural light throughout, and the Holiday decorations are pretty epic. It’s a fabulous location any time of year.