Philadelphia Family Photo Shoots, Nor’easters Welcome!

Snowy family photo shoot in Rittenhouse
Philadelphia family photo shoot

I fell in love with Philadelphia the minute I started photographing her, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Part of my love of photography involves incorporating the city whenever I can.  I adore her in all of her crazy bipolar moods.  I love battling busy public streets, and lousy weather and poor lighting conditions.  I love having to think on my feet. I love Philadelphia not only as a backdrop for our subjects, but as a character in the stories we tell. The stories of children and people and the love that exists within it. This is true of our Philadelphia family photo shoots as well.  

Every now and then, Philly likes to throw us a curve ball.  And as I look out my window facing our third Nor’easter this month, I remembered Liz and Will’s family shoot this winter.  It was one of those days when the snow started out light and pretty, and quickly turned into a raging ice storm that wasn’t remotely pleasant in any way.  But it was Noah’s first time being conscious of the snow, and so we decided to brave the elements to romp around Rittenhouse Park.

I think the results of our shoot are absolutely priceless.  We all got way too wet and icy.  Will’s glasses kept fogging up, Liz’s hair became coated with icicles in about 10 minutes, and Noah wasn’t exactly enjoying his experience.  But there’s nothing quite like Rittenhouse in the snow, and it’s a part of this family’s story.   And one day, I hope grown up Noah looks at these and his parents tell him about how we dragged him to Rittenhouse in the winter of nor’easters and it was absolutely perfect.

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5 thoughts on “Philadelphia Family Photo Shoots, Nor’easters Welcome!”

  1. Cathie berrey-green

    What an adorable family session. Definitely brave to be out there in a nor’easter. Looks like it was a great mix of fun and not so fun lol but Devaney captured their family perfectly.

  2. This Philadelphia family portrait session at Rittenhouse in the snow is the sweetest! I love how Philly is great for families & photo shoots, especially in the winter- the snow looks everything look angelic!

  3. The way you tell their story with words and with photos is priceless. I love when Black White and Raw switches it up in any direction, and these family portraits during a Nor’easter in Rittenhouse park are perfect. The icicles in the hair, every expression- it’s so fitting for Philly and I’m glad you shared this session with us!

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