Philly Engagement Locations


Anyone who knows us, knows were a little obsessed with locations.  For everything:  model shoots, dancers, engagement sessions, weddings.  We tend to favor the really unique locations that we’ve discovered in some of our fine art work.  Abandoned prisons, haunted forts, true street photography, urban decay.   The interesting locations we find has become one of the reasons our unique engagement sessions have become so popular.

This fall was whirlwind of engagement shoots, and we had several couples who wanted something little more traditional for their engagement sessions.  Fall leaves were huge, and we were more than happy to spend a good portion of our fall on our hands and knees and tossing crunchy leaves into the air.  So here are a few more interesting locations to add to our arsenal, and we still think they’re pretty badass!

Ridley Creek State Park

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Laurita Winery

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Bartram Gardens

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