Rainy Day Play Date with Clown Babe Mackenzie Moltov

When you work as a creative, there’s a delicate balance in how you spend your time and artistic energy.  We’re fortunate that our work involves creating art, so it would be easy to sit back and rest during our winter lull.  But I’m also a firm believer in striking while the creative iron is hot. This winter, during our wedding off-season, we had several opportunities to shoot with Philadelphia sideshow performer and our favorite clown babe, MacKenzie Moltov.  

The first of our winter shoots with MacKenzie this season was an abandoned Power Plant, styled by Delicious Boutique.  I love that shoot, and when we do publish our “Last to Leave” series with her, I think there will be a few featured from that aftenoon .  We had planned to do another location that day with completely different looks, but it was a tough shoot. We were cold and tired and just didn’t have another location in us.  But we found another day a few weeks later, and kept it simple with easy locations that were nearby and flexible.

It’s one of my favorite shoots we’ve done with her.  Her bubblegum pink looks were a perfect contrast to the cool blues of the cemetery.  In the years we’ve spent photographing her, this shoot has a certain joy and lightness to it that’s refreshing to be part of.  When the rain became not so much fun, Paul found a great spot under a bridge to keep us dry.  And then, things got a little weird, as they often do when you’re under a bridge with a clown babe. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do, because the next shoot we did with her is VERY dark and emotional. If you are enjoying our work with her, please check back soon.

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10 thoughts on “Rainy Day Play Date with Clown Babe Mackenzie Moltov”

  1. Great work, Lori! Those cemetery shots are neato, and I love the burlesque feel of the last set of images. The clown makeup holds up the creep factor and everyrhing about your choice of backdrops, wardrobe and posing work so well together. Great call to shoot on a rainy day – the reflections and sparkler make for a dreary, yet sparkly photo set.

  2. These portraits are so great – they have a very Edward Gorey meets Dita von Teese as a clown vibe to them in the cemetery. I love all the contrasts of light throughout the day, my favorite photo is in the “forest” under the bridge- moody & fun. More Philly performance artists should have their portraits done with you!

  3. Your creative side comes through so strong no matter what you are shooting and I love it. That RAW side of your photography is such an important part to why everyone falls in love with your work! Thanks for sharing such a fun part of how to see Philly- keep the clown love coming <3 <3

  4. Such great expressions and movement captured in these playful clown girl photos! Very provocative use of existing graffiti art in Philadelphia, and I love the pop of bubblegum pink umbrella as a photo prop!

  5. Danyel Stapleton

    Creative fashion photography by Black White and Raw! I love the color pop of the umbrella. Even though it’s raining, you still made this photo session work!

  6. I love the bright colors in the dismal, abandon-looking locations! My second favorite images in this rainy day clown series are the ones where you used unique lighting elements in front of the camera, creating a really cool atmosphere for the model, again highlighting that stark contrast between the cold and harsh environment and the warmth of the clown!

  7. These turned out fantastic! I always LOVE when I see photographers use light creatively and you rocked this! You certainly have an eye for exceptional photography! Great work!

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