Keeping Cool in a Wissahickon Engagement Shoot-Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Engagement Shoot at Valley Green Inn
Couple poses on the rocks on Wissahickon Creek

Wissahickon Engagement shoots are one of the true joys of being a wedding photographer in Philadelphia. Although our roots are in Street Photography and incorporating the city and streets in our work will always be our first love, we also love doing as many nature walks as we can fit into our week.  The Wissahickon is a rare gem in as large an urban area as Philadelphia, and one of our favorite spots to walk when we need to clear our heads, and step away from technology.

Part of Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park System, the Wissahickon consists of 57 miles of trails, beautiful stone bridges and lush wilderness along the Wissahickon Creek. There are several great spots for Wissahickon Engagement shoots,  but I love the area around Valley Green Inn.  The historic Inn makes a great backdrop with interesting nooks and crannies.  It’s located right next to some beautiful waterfalls that are easy to get to, with wide flat rocks that don’t require daredevil skills to climb.  There are twisty trails for the more adventurous hikers and also wide paths for couples who may not want to get too daring on the water. There’s also an easy parking lot, bathroom and snacks, which is just how I like my nature walks!

Stephanie and Sean’s engagement shoot was one of my favorites from this area.  I LOVED that Stephanie had an amazing dress on, that was perfectly effortless and lovely and perfect with the waterfalls.  These two were so natural and easy together, their shoot felt more like a pretty walk with two new friends rather than work. And that’s exactly what an engagement shoot should be.  I absolutely can’t wait for their wedding.

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Did you know that Valley Green Inn is also a fabulous spot for weddings? Check out Adam and Eva’s gorgeous DIY summer wedding!

An Easy Summer Wedding at Valley Green Inn on the Wissahickon

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  1. What a dreamy engagement shoot! This is exactly the type of wardrobe I dream for couples for their engagement photos. The Wissahickon seems like a perfect dose of natural and that flowy dress is perfect by the waterfalls. As a top Philadelphia wedding photographer- I’m glad you know the great engagement spots! Knowing where to go around Valley Green Inn is a bonus for your couples.

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous Philadelphia engagement location! This gorgeous couple looks so relaxed and in love at the Wissahickon. Great job by this expert Philadelphia Wedding Photographer!

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