A Beautiful Rainy Day at Grace Winery


I cannot express how much we adore our BWR couples, and all the interesting, unique and beautiful ways they choose to celebrate their day.  This was the first of two celebrations we have the honor of photographing for Cheryl and Bryan.  The first a small, intimate affair for immediate family, to be followed later this month by a fun Philly bash for their friends.

Cheryl and Bryan’s wedding day began at Grace Winery at Sweetwater Farms in Glen Mills.  They both had charming cottages on the property, perfect for getting ready photos.  Cheryl’s lace gown was absolutely flawless, and I couldn’t help but laugh at how Paul and I unknowingly both used trays we found in the cottages made from the winery’s corks for shooting details, even though we were in different rooms at the time.

After a small, private ceremony at  Our Lady of Peace , it was time take our couple on a photo walk at Glen Mills Station, followed by photos in the winery vineyard.  It’s such a treat when couples set aside a substantial bit of time just for photos of the two of them, since these are the photos that will truly be treasured forever.

Mother nature attempted to thwart us with torrential down pouring rain, literally the entire day.  I always tell our brides that if they can, we should always try to shoot no matter what the weather. Photos should be a reflection of the day, and if it pours or is windy or unbearably hot, that is part of your day, and there is nothing more romantic or beautiful than a bride that throws her expectations of a “perfect day” out the window and totally embraces whatever happens.  There were two red umbrellas outside our bride’s cottage which we grabbed for our photo walk before heading out to their ceremony.  Cheryl was the picture of calm and elegance, letting the day unfold and taking it all in stride with a beautiful laugh and a total willingness to embrace it all.

After we almost dried out, we met the family for a food and wine pairing in the wine cellar.  I love the importance of family photos in Cheryl and Bryan’s day, both on the pews of the church and in the wine cellar, and we are deeply honored to have been chosen to start the documentation of their journey through photos.  And as I tell all of our rainy day brides, no one will ever notice a little dirt on the bottom of your dress, but everyone will see the smile on your face under that umbrella for generations to come.

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10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Rainy Day at Grace Winery”

  1. Lori, beautiful work! I completely agree that nothing is better then a bride that can go with the flow on their wedding day. You showed off Grace Winery at SweetWater Farms flawlessly. Rain or shine- you rocked the wedding photos! Love it.

  2. I love weddings at Wineries! I am actually a huge fan of rainy wedding days, you don’t often see these images but you can have so much fun with the rain! The pop of red with the umbrella is great.

  3. Love the images from all these locations- Grace Winery at Sweetwater Farms, Glen Mills Station & Our Lady of Peace Church! You really captured the couple’s fun & romantic side- such sweet photos! Those red umbrellas next to the vines are incredible- great choice!

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