I think one of the most valuable things I’ve learned as a business owner in an artistic industry, is the importance of working with other studios.  It gives me an opportunity to photograph couples who may not find us as easily as they can the big, national studios. Without having to worry about marketing and promotion, I can focus just on shooting and of fitting into what the couple is looking for, which is often quite different than those who find us through more of our off-beat, darker shoots.  It sharpens my skills, it broadens my range.

Kim and Bob were an absolute delight to photograph.  Their fall engagement shoot at Ridley Creek State Park, was bright and colorful and the perfect way to get to know them.  When I arrived at Kim’s house where she was getting ready with the girls, I was absolutely thrilled to see her house and bedroom decorated with photos from our first shoot together.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect backdrop for her bridal portraits than the pale blue walls of her bedroom and even a tiny Philly back yard for individual shots with the girls, before we decided to take over the street in front of her house.

Kim wanted unique shots in the church and the staircase of the Merion.  I always love trying interesting church shots, and we lucked out with an unseasonably warm November day, so we took advantage of some outdoor shots as well. I also find getting interesting shots of the staircase at the Merion a little tricky with the assembly line of bridal parties that can accumulate, but I think I finally nailed it with some simple off camera flash.  Her dress from L&H bridal was fairy tale perfect and Domenic Graziano’s Flowers of white with touches of red, were the perfect romantic touch.  Available Sound and Light managed to play all of Kim’s favorite country music so they could sing all night under the reflections of the Skylight Ballroom’s magnificent glass ceiling.  Highlight of the night, when princess perfect beautiful brides  fully commit to a cake smash. Absolutely perfect.

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  1. Amy Santos
    Amy Santos says:

    What a gorgeous and classic Philly wedding! Way to make beautiful use of the staircase at the Merion for their wedding portraits. You rocked their wedding photography with amazing use of lighting and capturing candids along with posing them around unique backdrops. I love that they printed out photos from their Ridley park engagement session. Great work as always!

  2. Parker
    Parker says:

    Holy crap. This is such a beautiful wedding. I love the detail photographs, and I can’t get over the portraits of the bride. The staircase and ballroom with the glass ceiling were perfect for the portraits of the bride and groom, they clearly picked the best wedding photographer in Philly!

  3. Kelly Loeffler
    Kelly Loeffler says:

    Stunning fall wedding in Philly. The Merion looks to be a beautiful location. The bride is gorgeous in her portraits. You did a great job of capturing all the love and excitement throughout the day.

  4. Lillian
    Lillian says:

    Nice job on the Merion staircase images! I love the cake cutting candids. The bridal portraits are simply breathtaking. Looks like something straight out of a bridal magazine.

  5. Ailecia Ruscin
    Ailecia Ruscin says:

    I love this Philadelphia wedding photography set. The bride is absolutely gorgeous in these portraits and candids. Black, White & Raw’s lighting just lit her skin up perfectly–what stunning bridal portraits, especially. I love the classic styling and use of The Merion’s grand staircase. Gorgeous set!

  6. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Absolutely loved how the bridal portraits from this wedding showed up! The Merion in Philly looks to be such a beautiful wedding venue. Amazing job capturing the moments of this lovely fall wedding.

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