Philadelphia wedding photographers at bridal prep

Welcome to our newest series:

Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Tips for Fabulous Wedding Photos

We got so much love for our Perfect Timeline for Wedding Photography published by our friends at Philly in Love, we thought we’d break it down further, with each blog focusing on one portion of the wedding day with tips for both clients and wedding photographers.  Our first blog, “bridal prep” focuses on just the girls as they get dressed for the day. 


Wedding Dress and Shoes

Bridal Tip: Make sure you have a nice clothing hanger for your dress, with a hanger that swivels. It doesn’t have to be a fancy one with your new name, but try to avoid wire or dry cleaning hangers. And don’t forget to let us know if there’s something special sewn inside! Swatches of a loved one’s shirt is a lovely way to include them in your day, and we want to make sure to photograph it!

Photographer Tip: If you hang a dress in a window, you may need to use a pop of flash to avoid the bra pads showing, and if you’re really stuck for a place to hang the dress, bust out a light stand to hang it from!