Rainy Day Bride and Her Beer Themed Wedding Day

Rainy wedding days
Rainy day bride and groom on Race Street Pier
I know I’ve said it a million times before, but I absolutely adore a Rainy Day Bride, and all the opportunities the unexpected provides. There’s something so romantic about a couple who thoroughly embraces the elements and whatever the day has to offer. Jenn and Joe’s first look at Race Street Pier couldn’t have been a better example of what makes them so perfect.
This was no ordinary rainstorm. This was approaching torrential downpour just in time for their first look at Race Street Pier. Joe knew Jenn wanted her first look at the end of the pier, and therefore, patiently waited for her in the rain (the girls had all the umbrellas on the bus. Ooops!), which was just about the most romantic thing ever. We got some beautiful umbrella shots, grabbed some fun bridal party and found a perfect spot under the bridge that kept the family group shots nice and dry.  My favorite moment was when I asked Jenn to swish her wedding dress in front of some pretty blue doors, and directed her to look down at her dress, not realizing it would be pretty wet and yucky from the rain. After a moment of shock, she completely laughed it off and as a result, we got super cute photos. (Pro tip! No one will ever notice the bottom of your dress, but you’ll have fun photos forever!)
Power Plant Productions is one of our favorite Philly venues. It’s conveniently located in Old City and because it’s also used as a photo studio, it’s got loads of natural light and cool details.  Jenn and Joe managed to make their beer theme truly elegant with brand themed tables and customized growlers.  Carl Allen Florist did a fabulous job of incorporating hops, wheat and barley throughout the dining room, creating an elegant, yet fun, decor.  Jenn actually had so many hops left over, she offered them to Paul and he just brewed a batch of beer from it to share with them. How cool is that?

Jenn:  My favorite part of the day was getting to the pier and seeing Joe. Even though we had done so much for the wedding prior to this moment, at that moment it finally felt real. The funny thing about it being my favorite part of the day is that hour was probably the most miserable rain out of the whole day. We really wanted pictures on the pier and I am so happy we didn’t let the weather change our plans because the pictures on the pier in the rain look great!

Joe: My favorite part of the day was the ceremony itself. All the preparation, planning, and worrying (more her than me) led up to that moment. Once the ceremony was over, nothing felt different but our lives had changed for the better.

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1700 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19103
Growlers and seating chart  Amanda Teschko
1201 Buck Road
Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053
Tux : Xedo.com
Michael Kors 
230 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, Pa 19106
Scottville, Michigan
Caterer : John Serock Catering (Kristy)
835 Lincoln Ave
West Chester, Pa 19380

7 thoughts on “Rainy Day Bride and Her Beer Themed Wedding Day”

  1. I love how they embraced the rain! This beer theme wedding is amazing too, your shouldn’t be afraid to have a theme with whatever you love! Power Plant Productions is an amazing venue in center city Philadelphia for couples that love the city!

    Beautiful images!

  2. How awesome is this beer focused Philly loving wedding captured by Black White and Raw?!!? I love the fun vibes and the colorful blue door portraits at Race Street Pier. Power Plant Productions looks like a great customizable venue!

  3. What a beautiful wedding in Philly. such fun bright colors. I love the photos in front of that blue door. Great wedding photography as always!

  4. Cathie berrey green

    What a fun beer themed wedding captured by black white and raw Photography in Philadelphia. I’m so glad this couple didn’t let the rain get them down on their wedding day. Looks like they had a fantastic time

  5. Lori you ALWAYS nail the weddings that other wedding photographers seem to struggle with. Unique, fun and interesting weddings always look so beautiful photographed by you because, I think, you show each wedding for what it is and don’t try to force unique weddings to look like the typical, standard, bright and airy weddings. Huge respect for you, and this wedding blog post is proof that you’re a photographic force!

  6. Wow. Not only did you make total use of rain on a wedding day- you turned Race Street Pier and Power Plant Productions into something more than go to Philly photo spots. Black White and Raw Photography creates art. I absolutely love looking at all of your Philadelphia wedding photography and this rainy day wedding is no exception!

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