A Romantic Fall Wedding at The Stoneleigh Golf & Country Club in Virginia

Stoneleigh Golf and Country Club wedding
Sunset bride and groom at Stoneleigh Golf and Country Club Wedding

Destination weddings and word of mouth referrals. Two of the sweetest phrases to hear when someone contacts us about photographing their wedding. Shana and Alan’s romantic fall wedding at Stoneleigh Golf and Country Club in Virginia was the perfect combination of both. There’s a built in trust with couples who have seen you work at a friend or family member’s wedding, and who have seen the photos from the day. Shana and Alan have a large group of close friends, and we’ve been fortunate to have photographed three of the couples weddings, Stephanie and Steve’s sweet wedding at Belmont Mansion, and Fan and Chris’s intimate gathering in Washington, DC. We adore traveling for weddings. In a medium where we’re always looking for ways to shoot similar events with a fresh eye and unique way, there is no greater artistic inspiration than destination wedding photography provides.

Shana and Alan’s fall Virginia wedding was perfect in every way.  The Stoneleigh Golf and Country Club has stunning views and the couple fell in love with the venue for their romantic sunset vistas, and we lucked out with the windiest day ever, which made for beautifully romantic bride and groom portraits. Grace from Global Bridal Gallery did a beautiful job with Shana’s dress and custom wrap, one of my all time favorites of this season.  It was glamorous and effortless and perfect for an unseasonably cold day.  Ashley from Ruie & Grace designed and prepared the simple, rustic decor which included the super cute signs and assorted flower arrangements.  Fleurir Chocolates provided the two piece chocolate wedding favors and The Dapper Djs was one of the most unique djs we’ve ever worked with. Not only did he set up in three different locations throughout the venue, cocktail hour music was played on vintage vinyl and turntables dating back to the 1900’s, before moving on to the tented reception for dinner and toasts, then on to the barn for first dances, a fully modern, crazy party, and pies!  For someone who is at weddings every weekend of my life, and has literally never had wedding cake at a reception, I can’t begin to explain what a breath of fresh air Mom’s Apple Pie was. Absolutely the best pies I’ve ever had. There’s a slight chance the wait staff was late closing down because they were afraid to get between me and the leftovers at the end of the night. SO not sorry! 
Somehow we managed to get Alan and Shana off the dance floor long enough for some killer night portraits that we shot with Magmods, which have totally changed our night portrait game. They’re so fast and easy to use, really a great product. Popcorn was a unique twist for an exit! Biodegradable, safe for birds to consume, and a lot safer for drunk guests than sparklers, it was a super cute and really fun. Congratulations Shana and Alan, we can’t thank you enough for trusting us with your day!

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Wedding Dress: Global Bridal Gallery 

Flowers and Decor: Ruie & Grace

Wedding Pies: Mom’s Apple Pie  
Chocolate Favors: Fleurir Chocolates

7 thoughts on “A Romantic Fall Wedding at The Stoneleigh Golf & Country Club in Virginia”

  1. Black White and Raw continues to show why they are one of the best wedding photography companies in the business! These shots show the sweetness, the thoughtful details, and the crazy fun of this wedding! I love the side-by-side photos of the bride and groom getting ready. This is something unique that Black White and Raw has to offer: Not one, but two of the most skilled and artistic photographers Philadelphia has to offer.

  2. I can’t believe you got to travel to Virginia to photograph a wedding! How cool, and how out of your usual Philadelphia mode! What a gorgeous venue, as well. Your wedding photography is always so on point. I love the detail shots (of course, it’s my favorite) and all the love and emotion you captured!

  3. This is one of the most stunning destination weddings I have seen. I love love the portrait of the couple on the golf course. That light is amazing!! Love the photographs of her dress blowing in the wind!! Beautiful work! Looking forward to following you in 2017 🙂

  4. Your wedding photos are always seriously perfect! I love what you photographed from this destination wedding at Stoneleigh Golf & Country Club in Virginia!! Can’t wait to see more photos from Black White & Raw!!

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