same sex beach wedding-nautical softball theme

Softball themed wedding
2 brides on a softball field

After some REALLY amazing beach weddings this season, I’ve come to one conclusion. We need more!  We were incredibly fortunate to photograph Mary Kate and Traci’s beautiful same sex beach wedding with a DIY nautical, softball theme. We absolutely adore our LGBTQ couples, but having two white wedding dresses to photograph is something I absolutely live for. 

The Carpenter family holds a special place in my heart.  One of our first weddings was of one of Mary Kate’s sisters. Our fathers both passed away around the same time, and I was deeply moved by how she honored him and danced with her mother during the reception.  The 4 girls (of 5 siblings) are a powerhouse of creativity and together they put on amazing events. Mary Kate’s food, Lynn’s beautiful cakes, Scooter’s hair and makeup services and Juli’s homemade decor make them a wedding vendor dream team.  Softball is an important element in their lives and it is perfectly fitting the pitcher that Mary Kate found in Traci. MK’s dad was a softball coach, followed by Mary Kate, and now Juli has taken over the team.  Their dad’s glove and coaching bucket were at the reception, ever present throughout the night.   

The ladies got ready in separate houses in Lewes, Delaware, and kept the tradition of not seeing each other until they walked toward each other on the Lewe’s beach to be married. Even their dresses were kept secret from each other, and were a perfect reflection of both their personalities.  The sun was super harsh, but thanks to a couple of borrowed beach umbrellas we were able to keep the couple in shade not only for the ceremony, but also for bridal photos after the ceremony.

The reception was held at the Angola By the Bay Clubhouse, in Lewe’s Delaware.  It was such a joyous celebration of love and friends and family. One of our favorite things to do at the end of a wedding day is take the couple out for a few photos at dusk and couldn’t have been happier when Traci suggested the clubhouse’s softball field for night portraits. Paul was thrilled he got to shoot a couple of athletes on a field, and like I said…I got two stunningly badass brides both in white wedding dresses.  It was absolutely perfect, and although I never got a chance to meet Mr Carpenter, I feel like I know him through his family and how they choose to honor him and keep his traditions and memory alive. We are so very privileged to document the lives of our clients, our friends, over the years. Through marriages and business ventures and babies. This one truly meant the world.

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8 thoughts on “same sex beach wedding-nautical softball theme”

  1. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing and allowing me to be a part of your special day. It was a blast! I am so happy for both of you! Love ya!!!
    P.S….my brother and Jeanne said the DJ was fantastic! They were jamming behind the bar!

  2. Wow. This wedding was completely stunning. Black White and Raw Photography really captured this love and the family that surrounded them whether in body or spirit. Those connections are strong when you meet a family during a shared grief like that, and I’m so glad they chose you to document this wedding as well. Beautiful.

  3. Wow. This same sex beach wedding is amazing. Lori, I am sooo jealous. You totally rocked those beach shots. I love the way you used the light to your advantage. These two brides looked fantastic on their wedding day.

    Also, the softball shots were a nice touch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that at a wedding before. Love that you incorporated something different for this nontraditional couple. Such a cool concept. Great job as always!

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