Wedding Day Dogs – Tips and Dog Friendly Venues

Wedding dog
A dog in a bow tie with his human mom’s wedding veil

It’s no secret that I love everything about dogs. So when couples ask me how I feel about wedding day dogs and how to include them in their engagement sessions, I’m the first to say unequivocally..YES! I’d love to include every single pup we’ve ever photographed in this blog, but I’m pretty sure I’ve already included way too many! Here are some our favorite fuzzy friends, or at least the ones on my most accessible hard drive. I’ve included some tips as well as dog friendly hotels and venues.  We hope if you plan to have your pooches included in your photos, you find a photographer who truly treasures the time for a little puppy love. 

Stephanie and Steve’s wedding at Belmont Mansion was probably the first we shot with a dog. Hendrix was there through Stephanie’s prep at the couples home, and came to the ceremony as well. The black and white street shot of Stephanie and Hendrix leaving their South Philly home for the ceremony is one of my favorites.

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Julia and Chuck’s giant fur baby made visits to both his humans’ hotel rooms for prep, stayed for the ceremony and family shots afterwards. He was quite possibly the most handsome wedding guest I’ve ever met, and I fell completely in love with him!

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Kaitlin and Steve’s mama bull dog made her grand entrance during bridal party photos, and stayed for their Dr Seuss themed wedding in West Laurel Hill Cemetery. She actually stayed not only through the ceremony, but the entire reception!

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Lauren and Mike knew they had to have their dog at their engagement shoot, since their venue didn’t allow dogs. They chose the Hagley Museum for a dog friendly photo location.  Lauren’s mom and dad came to play dog wrangler and take him after we got what we needed so we could just focus on the couple. Perfect!

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And then there are those couples that have their dogs both at their engagement shoots and their weddings! Teri and BJ’s puppies just stopped by for a quick kiss from their humans after their ceremony

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…and Kristen and John’s loves were right at home in their own backyard ceremony. Both engagement shoots were at Race Street Pier, one of our favorite dog friendly photo stops.

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Emma and Courcy’s little daschund only stopped by for some first look lovin’ at the Radnor Valley Country Club, but he made a huge impression!

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A handsome boxer in a tie and cuffs for a ceremony at Skytop Lodge in the Poconos? Oh yes!

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And no dog blog would be complete without Howie! Howie made an momentary appearance at his human mom’s boudoir shoot! Now that he’s a proud pet to twin boys, I’m sure he appreciated the quiet time.

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  1. I love this blog post. Fur babies at weddings are my favorite. I love how many couples youve had include their dog on their wedding day or engagement shoot. Great photos and tips

  2. What a fun blogpost. I think it is so great when our furry friends can join on the wedding day or be a part of the engagement session, thanks for sharing Black, White and Raw Photography!

  3. Yes, yes a million times yes! Everyone should include their loved ones in their wedding, and that should ALWAYS include their dog children! These are great tips for how to include your dog in your wedding day, and in your wedding photographs most importantly!

  4. Okay so this has to be my all time FAVORITE BLOG POST!!! The excitement I get from pups being included in weddings is unreal because the best weddings always include there furry babes! These are the perfect tips for including your pup in your wedding day! A must read for all dog lovers!!

  5. I love when people include their pets in their wedding days! How to have dogs at weddings is such a helpful post for any bride looking to do that. And how fun to look back at all your dog wedding photos.

  6. So much yes. Don’t mind me while I am over here clicking on EVERY single dog image you’ve posted! I love the advice you are sharing with future bride and grooms… and I hope more weddings include their well behaved dogs! Dogs at weddings just seem like a perfect pair to me. Black White and Raw can handle anything a wedding day offers!

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