Witchy Walk in the Woods

A Witchy Walk in the Woods with Lily Cheshire

Witch in the woods
Modern witch in the woods of Philadelphia

As a wedding photographer, I struggle with the off season.  It’s cold, I’m tired and I need to be creative to thrive.  Luckily I’m blessed with a partner who feels the same way and spectacularly magical friends who will collaborate for an afternoon of creating art.  It’s the perfect cure for my wintertime blues.

Lily Cheshire of Witch’s Way Craft is a good friend, who we’ve been fortunate to photograph over the years.  From many shoots when she was a young model, to her cemetery engagement shoot, and witchy wedding and now as an artist and business owner, it’s been quite an artistic journey.  Her shop is filled with beautiful candles, crystals, cauldrons and herbs.  I’ll admit to going home with a few Goddess candles the day we shot together.  I’m still drooling over the calcite sphere from the shoot!  I highly suggest you check it out!

We teamed up with Jessica Saint,  of Jessica Saint Beauty for hair and makeup and invaluable help on the shoot itself.  Paul and the three of us bundled up for the cold. We all carried armloads of gear, smoke bombs, candles, sage and cauldrons for a Witchy Walk in the Woods.  Lily brought a few looks, including stunning dress from Trashy Diva in New Orleans. It’s a beautiful dress that can be worn in two ways, providing us with a nice variety.  Her beautiful jewelry was from The Brass Dragon.  A little bit of nature, a little magic and beautiful art. It was a perfect day.

6 thoughts on “Witchy Walk in the Woods”

  1. Wow what a gorgeous photo shoot! I love the lighting behind the model it totally gave her an ephemeral glow! Like always your shoots are the perfect balance of drama, beauty, and darkness. All of the props, makeup and lighting makes the viewer believe they were witnessing a real witch at work. Great job Lori!

  2. How fun!! I love these! Defiantly feels like I stumbled upon a witch working her magic in the woods. There are really great portraits in there and I love the way you put it all together to make it all work so seamlessly, the editing style, the poses and the way it was shot blend well. Nice job, I really enjoyed looking at these!!

  3. Top of the line witch photo shoot? YES PLEASE. These are so amazing, the lightning shooting out of her hands looks incredible. Keep all those gorgeous backlit, smokey portraits coming! Thankful Black White and Raw adds such good variety to my photo world and to Philly.

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